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Redefine your shopping experience, shop from dozens of unique brands and boutiques.


VIA Aquarium

Explore vivid underwater worlds across 37 exhibits. From local favorites to the deepest depths of the ocean, explore our planet’s oceans and rivers all in your own backyard on this self-guided exploration. Watch sharks swim overhead while schools of fish surround you in our immersive tunnel tanks. Feel the soft, smooth skin of a stingray as they swim right up to your hand in Stingray Bay. Take your family on an unforgettable journey, tickets available here or at the admissions desk.


Redefine your shopping experience, shop from dozens of unique brands and boutiques.


VIA Dino Discovery

VIA Dino Discovery lets guests explore and learn about prehistoric animals through 12 exhibits featuring animatronic replicas and interactive displays. Our replicas include favorites like Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and of course the Tyrant King of Lizards himself; T-Rex!


The movie theater has reopened! Get your tickets today!


VIA Entertainment

VIA Entertainment is the ultimate place for fun! From our ultra modern bowling lanes to our expansive arcade with favorites like ice man, where you spray virtual enemies with real water! Check out our weekly events for even more reasons to come.

VIA Entertainment is closed until further notice.